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Smart controls are a way to manage your heating & hot water timings and give a more accurate room temperature than a mechanical thermostat.  They are Wi-Fi enabled which allows you to alter your thermostat temperature or on/off times whilst away from your home. This gives you more control over when your boiler is actually heating your home, which means you can use less gas.

Different brands will come with a variety of different features, but thing such as multi zone support, geofencing and voice enabled support (for Amazon Echo, Google Home etc) are common.

We usually fit the British Gas 'Hive' system here at Ignite as we have confidence in the product and gives some good features for the price point, but we can fit controls from any provider.

There are also additional smart controls available in some of the systems such as;

  • Light bulbs

  • Plugs

  • Radiator Valves

  • Door and window sensors

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

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