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There are many different types of central heating system fitted in the UK and all of them can cause problems or just need updating or modernising. Here at Ignite we can help you with all aspects of central heating repair, upgrading or complete installations. Some common problems or requests we get can be:

  • Noisy circulating pump

  • Central heating has failed but the hot water is ok

  • Adding another radiator onto the system

  • Thermostat isn't working

  • Pressure in the system constantly needs topping up

  • Leaking from your unvented hot water cylinder discharge pipe

  • Pipework alterations


As the prices on energy continue to rise, there are more ways for you to save on your gas bills each month other than a new 'A' rated boiler. Did you know these things listed may also reduce your energy consumption

  • Replacing your hot water cylinder for an unvented or 'rapid reheat' style

  • Swapping old radiator valves for TRVs or Thermostatic Radiator Valves - this can help control individual room temperatures around your home

  • Powerflushing your central heating system - your boiler will use more gas to heat up contaminated water, and take longer for your home to reach temperature

  • Replace your old thermostat for more modern smart controls - this will mean you only need to have the heating on when you are home and not at rigid set times

If any of these things sound good and you would like some more information or a quote then please call us or use the contact form and we will email you back

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