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We recommend to service your gas appliances annually. This is to help keep your boiler safe, in good condition and to help reduce breakdowns. If you have a warranty with your boiler, it may also ensure your guarantee remains valid.

Quite often a boiler service can show up something quite small which if left unchecked, can result in a costly repair. Things like small water leaks, worn gaskets and general build up can all be sorted before it causes a breakdown.

These are the things we cover in our boiler service:

  • Visual inspection of the complete flue system

  • Visual inspection of the boiler

  • All burner seals are checked for integrity

  • Cleaning electrodes or pilots as necessary

  • Check the gas pressure or flow is correct 

  • Clean the condense trap if necessary

  • Combustion analysis of the flue gases - this ensures safe and efficient operation

  • We record the data and leave you with a record


If you need a boiler service, or would like more information then use the contact form or give us a call

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